Jatish Kumar is one name among millions like you. Born in a middle class family. Who fought for survival. Failed and went ahead in search of something big to succeed.

He did many jobs and left many jobs, He did not feel like doing a job.

They say that.

“In the work in which you do not feel like and keep doing that work means, You are just wasting your time”

While doing the job, He used to feel as if he was not born to do the job.

They believe that

“A job can’t solve your money problems,
Just can meet the need of money for some time”

While working, He used to write film stories and motivational thoughts in his spare time. He used to think that he can make a good name for himself in the writer’s world or in the world of motivation. When he shared his story and motivational thoughts with someone, He was greatly encouraged. Chandan Chowdhary was one of the people who encouraged him, Who was incharge of him.

When both of them were together, Chandan Chowdhary used to tell them that why are you doing the job. Don’t waste your future by doing job. You can be more successful in the world of writer or becoming a motivational speaker. You have a God gifted writing skill, Which not everyone has.

Later he moved towards the city of dreams Mumbai and took writer’s membership from Screen Writers Association Mumbai.

While living in Mumbai, He tried to contact many directors, producers and actors for his story. Before any contact with the director, producer and actors suddenly due to some reasons he had to go back to the job.

The best story in his film stories was the second part of “Gabbar is Back” which means “One’s Again Gabbar is Back”.

When once again he turned to his job, And the benefit was that he got a promotion. Because of which he got more time, Then he started spending all his free time writing motivational thoughts and motivating people. And gradually he wrote down more than 1000 thoughts. When he started giving satisfactory complete answers to any person’s question. Then he left his job forever and started helping people through seminars.

Till date, through online and offline, More than twenty thousand people have been motivated and advised for a right career.


His dream is that every Indian should become an entrepreneur not an employee.

They say that

“Unless you build a business that makes money for you even in your absence, you will keep running short of money”

They want to put such a spark in Indians, So that instead of showing your resume, Every Indian should start looking at other people’s resumes.

They say that

“Your hard work is not for someone’s job, Rather it should be to hire someone”

Thank you…